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A Major Update on Arsenal Database

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As today, the Virtual Marine Arsenal directory has been extensively updated. Total of 51 software has been added and one removed. Most of the the new additions went to the Computer Aided Engineering and Specialized Tools categories.

Also the most of the new tools have been selected from Open Source projects as well as some closed source but valuable freeware and a few commercial codes.

27 new sub categories has been added to the directory. The Hydro Testing Facilities category re-designed with some minor error corrections.

An alpha index has been activated so the visitors may probably reach to the categories/entries by the first character quickly.

Probably more data will follow in next six months...

Links to the software has been activated where available. Some software suppliers has prevent any linking to their site by their disclaimers so there will be no links for them.


NavigationShip's LogNews → A Major Update on Arsenal Database

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