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VMA97The section named Virtual Marine Arsenal is just a simple directory trying to compile some stuff (mostly software) which may be directly related to the naval architecture and marine engineering interests. The first version had been launched in 1997. The active development has been stopped in June 2005... >> read more >>

Hydro Testing Facilities

Hydro Testing Facilities (97/55 )

Towing Tanks, Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins, Rotating Arm Basins, Cavitation Tunnels, Circulating Water Channels, Ocean Basins, Ice Basins, Deep Sea Tanks, Hydroacoustic Tanks, Field Test Ranges, Countries

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (46/18 )

Integrated Ship Design, Hull Design, Hull Transformation, Industrial Design, Mechanical CAD, Geometry Kernels, Geometry Representation

Computer Aided Engineering

Computer Aided Engineering (127/48 )

Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Multiphysics, PreProcessing, PostProcessing, Optimization, Kinematics and Dynamics, Numerical Methods

Specialized Tools

Specialized Tools (79/27 )

Hydrostatics and Stability, Ship Loading and Onboard Stability, Resistance and Power Prediction, Propellers, Sails and Rigging, Airfoils and Wings, Scantlings, Composites, Fire Dynamics, Undex, Signature Prediction

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Aided Manufacturing (15/5 )

Ship Structural Detailing, Shell Expansion, Part Nesting, Piping and Outfitting, Cost Analysis

Other Software

Other Software (15/4 )

Vessel Monitoring, Simulation and Training, Navigation Tools, Satellite Tracking


Resources (44/9 )

Technical Drawings, Books and Papers, Ship Classification Societies, Marine Organizations, Online Calculators, Forums, Sites, References, Special Thanks

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