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Computer Aided Design

Computational geometric modeling deals with the mathematical representation of curves, surfaces and solids for defining physical objects. The associated field of computational geometry is concerned with the development, analysis and computer implemen­tation of algorithms encountered in geometric modeling. Several different geometric modeling forms have evolved over the last five decades such as wireframe modeling, surface modeling, solid modeling.

Integrated Ship Design

Integrated Ship Design (10/- )

Hull Design

Hull Design (16/- )

Hull Transformation

Hull Transformation (2/- )

Industrial Design

Industrial Design (5/- )

Mechanical CAD

Mechanical CAD (10/- )

Geometry Kernels

Geometry Kernels (15/5 )

Acis, Granite, Open Cascade, Parasolid, SMLib

Geometry Representation

Geometry Representation (29/6 )

Surface Modeling, Solid Modeling, Polygon Modeling, Bézier, Nurbs, Subdivisions

NavigationArsenal → Computer Aided Design

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