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Vessel Monitoring

Vessel Monitoring (5/- )

Vibration and Flow Noise

Vibration and Flow Noise (3/- )


VOF (5/- )

Vortex Lattice

Vortex Lattice (5/- )

Entries beginning with "V"


CFD for Ship Resistance | Panel Methods

ν-Shallo is a fully non-linear free surface potential flow code for computing wave resistance of ships and submarines.

Operating System(s):
  • Windows
License: Commercial Visit Website



VIEWPAN has principally been developed as a post-processor for the NEWPAN software. It provides functionality for surface and flowfield visualisation.

Operating System(s):
  • Unix
License: Commercial Visit Website


Special Thanks

VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product.

License: Open Source Visit Website


Simulation and Training

ViSLab is a simulation environment where different simulation programs are integrated through HLA – High Level Architecture.

Operating System(s):
  • Windows
License: Commercial Visit Website


Airfoils and Wings | Panel Methods

VisualFoil is an easy-to-use airfoil analysis and design software and it can determine the best cross section shapes for wings, spoilers, struts, hydrofoils, keels, rudders and other aerodynamic and support structures. The NACA Version is suitable for most users who need to analyze and obtain data for NACA airfoil shapes.

Operating System(s):
  • Windows
License: Commercial Visit Website


CFD for Ship Motions and Maneuvering | Strip Theory

VisualSMP is a suite of tools used in the prediction and analysis of a ship's sea-keeping and loads characteristics.

Operating System(s):
  • Windows
License: Commercial Visit Website


CFD for Ship Resistance | CFD for Ship Motions and Maneuvering | RANS-URANS | FVM | VOF

VOF-flow is a 6 dof free surface Navier-Stokes solver adapted to complex geometric simulations for marine problems.

License: Commercial


Navigation Tools

Visual Passage Planner (VPP) is a pilot chart based passage planning and optimization software.

Operating System(s):
  • Windows
License: Commercial Visit Website


Towing Tanks | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 101-200m | Finland

VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) is an independent multi-disciplinary research center. It is the largest contract research organization in the Nordic countries.

Visit Website

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