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Reef3D is a CFD program with special focus on solving problems in the field of marine, coastal and ocean engineering. The code is fully parallelized using the MPI library and tested up to 1024 processors.

The accurate modeling of waves requires high order discretization schemes and a sharp representation of the free surface. Reef3D accomplishes this with the fifth-order WENO scheme for convection discretization and the level set method for obtaining a sharp representation of the free surface.

With these observations in mind, the numerical model REEF3D was designed under the following premises:

  • Hydraulic, coastal, marine and environmental engineering
    • level set method for complex free surface flow
    • open channel flow boundary conditions
    • numerical wave tank boundary conditions
    • sediment transport
  • Ease of use: grid generation as limiting factor of user productivity
    • immersed boundary
    • STL file input
    • easy natural bathymetry handling
  • Increasing computer performance enables larger computations, but can only be exploited in parallel
    • full parallelization based on the domain decomposition strategy and MPI
  • Ease of use: stable, accurate and fast numerical simulation
    • staggered grid: tight velocity-pressure coupling
    • very accurate and stable WENO discretization
    • adaptive time-stepping for maximum stability
  • Numerical tool should be easy to maintain, changes should be possible
    • C++ Programming
    • object oriented code
    • MPI, an industry standard for high-performance computing
License: Open Source
Operating System(s):
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows

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