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Towing Tanks

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Conventional Shorter Than 50m

Conventional Shorter Than 50m (9/- )

Conventional 51-100m

Conventional 51-100m (24/- )

Conventional 101-200m

Conventional 101-200m (25/- )

Conventional 201-300m

Conventional 201-300m (18/- )

Conventional 301-450m

Conventional 301-450m (5/- )

Conventional 451-600m

Conventional 451-600m (4/- )

Conventional Longer Than 601m

Conventional Longer Than 601m (2/- )


Depressurized (2/- )

High Speed

High Speed (9/- )

Shallow Water

Shallow Water (6/- )


Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Conventional 51-100m | Italy

Università degli Studi di Genova has DITEN (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Navale, Electrica, Elletronica e delle Telecomunicazioni) hydrodynamic laboratories.

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Towing Tanks | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 51-100m | High Speed | Shallow Water | Germany

Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems established in 1954 with the name of VBD in Duisburg. It's specialisation is shallow water hydrodynamics.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Rotating Arm Basins | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | High Speed | Hydroacoustic Tanks | Conventional Longer Than 601m | USA

The David Taylor Model Basin (DTMB) was conceived, designed, and built by the United States Navy Department for building and testing ship models.

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Towing Tanks | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 101-200m | China

Dalian University of Technology has a shipbuilding research center and also coastal and offshore engineering laboratory.

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Towing Tanks | Conventional 51-100m | Spain

ETSI Navales is the model test basin of Technical University of Madrid. Tank length is 100m and has a wave generator.

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Force Technology

Towing Tanks | Conventional 201-300m | Shallow Water | Denmark

Force Technology offers range of facilities ship model testing research by cooperation with DTU (Denmark Technical University)

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Towing Tanks | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 101-200m | Hydroacoustic Tanks | China

The Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering has been established as the Naval Engineering Department in 1953, it is one of the key departments of Harbin Military Engineering Institute.

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Hiroshima University

Towing Tanks | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 51-100m | Japan

Hiroshima University has a group of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (NAOE)

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 201-300m | South Korea

Founded in 1984, Hyundai Maritime Research Institute - HMRI brings together the crucial engineering and performance testing capabilities. Key areas of research include ship hydrodynamics, offshore engineering, structural design, noise and vibration control, engine performance, and machinery design.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Ice Basins | Conventional 201-300m | Ocean Basins | Germany

Hamburgische Schiffbau Versuchsanstalt / the Hamburg Ship Model Basin or HSVA is a private, self-supporting, non-profit organisation providing research and consultancy services to the worldwide maritime industry.

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Towing Tanks | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 101-200m | China

Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) The School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was established in 1959.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Ice Basins | Conventional 301-450m | Japan

Ishikawajima Shipyard was established in 1853 as the root of IHI - Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 201-300m | Indonesia

Indonesian Hydrodynamics Laboratory (IHL) is an advance research laboratory by BPPT (the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology) with sophisticated facilities.

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