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Towing Tanks

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Conventional Shorter Than 50m

Conventional Shorter Than 50m (9/- )

Conventional 51-100m

Conventional 51-100m (24/- )

Conventional 101-200m

Conventional 101-200m (25/- )

Conventional 201-300m

Conventional 201-300m (18/- )

Conventional 301-450m

Conventional 301-450m (5/- )

Conventional 451-600m

Conventional 451-600m (4/- )

Conventional Longer Than 601m

Conventional Longer Than 601m (2/- )


Depressurized (2/- )

High Speed

High Speed (9/- )

Shallow Water

Shallow Water (6/- )

Osaka Prefecture University

Towing Tanks | Circulating Water Channels | High Speed | Japan

The Department of Marine System Engineering of Osaka Prefecture University offers research programs concerning marine system planning, marine transportation, marine space utilization, marine resource development and marine environment, on the basis of hydrodynamics, structural engineering, computer science and systems engineering.

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Osaka University

Towing Tanks | Conventional 51-100m | Japan

Osaka University has a department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

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Politechnika Gdańska

Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Poland

Politechnika Gdańska was founded in 1904 as Königliche Technische Hochschule zu Danzig.

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Pusan National University

Towing Tanks | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 51-100m | South Korea

Pusan National University (PNU) was founded on May 1946.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Rotating Arm Basins | Conventional 201-300m | Ocean Basins | UK

QinetiQ was formed in 2001, when the Ministry of Defence (MOD) split its Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) in two.

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Seoul National University

Towing Tanks | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 101-200m | High Speed | South Korea

Seoul National University was founded in 1946.

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Sharif University of Technology

Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Conventional Shorter Than 50m | Iran

Sharif University of Technology established the Marine Engineering Laboratory (MEL) has international activities and member of ITTC.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 101-200m | Conventional 201-300m | Ocean Basins | Hydroacoustic Tanks | China

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) as one of the higher education institutions which has ship hydrodynamic laboratory.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 201-300m | Japan

SRC - Ship Building Research Center of Japan provides testing services and technical advice for the improvement of ship propulsive performance and energy efficiency.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 301-450m | South Korea

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) began its research activities from 1984 by establishing a development team under the design department and Samsung Ship Model Basin(SSMB) has one of the world's largest commercial towing tank.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basins | Conventional 201-300m | Sweden

SSPA performs most kinds of model testing in its facilities and collaborates with universities, research organisations and companies.

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Towing Tanks | Cavitation Tunnels | Circulating Water Channels | Conventional 101-200m | China

Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI) was founded in 1962. It's R&D effort covers development of new type ships, transportation technology, marine engine control systems, navigation safety, telecommunications, environment engineering, automation of industry process, intelligent traffic engineering, port facilities and energy-saving technology etc.

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Stadt Towing Tank

Towing Tanks | Conventional 101-200m | High Speed | Norway

Stadt Towing Tank AS was established in 2007 to deliver experimental hydrodynamical tests to the national and international marine industry.

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